About Us


At ShopDesiNow, our aim is to be a converging point of displaying spectacular potential of talented Indian craftsmen. Being avid travellers and collectors of art-that-catches-the-eye-and-captures-the-heart, it broke our hearts to see how the artists across India were manipulated, commercially. The face, the emotion and the effort behind the art created is lost behind the label of the company ‘promoting or selling’ it! While an artefact is definitely the ‘hero’, a craftsman who plays the role of a ‘director’ deserves to be known, too. We, very proudly display these true stars with their precious work.  


There is an art lover in each one of us. One may distinguish between Jamini Roy and Nandikolla Rao paintings while another would know ‘kantha’ work from ‘kutchi bharat’ and someone else might just wish to collect some antiques. However, most of us don’t know where to find these artistic treasures at reasonable prices.


Hence, ShopDesiNow was conceived!


We are an art marketplace! We discover the hidden arty talent from corners of India offering handmade, antique, glassware, paper-made, ethnic, innovative, organic, ethnic, soul-stirring and natural products. We bring together these magnificent collections on a user-friendly platform, where you can buy the art that fills your heart with joy, at a reasonable price.


ShopDesiNow is not just a website where you buy handicraft products! It’s an emotion of encouraging Indians to ShopDesiNow and be proudly coloured in Desh Ka Rang created by desi craftsmen! This is our humble contribution to the BIG dream of #MakeInIndia, do your part and join the celebration of Indian craftsmanship!